Importance of Eye Care for Children

It is important to determine if your child might be suffering from vision problems early on. A visit to a paediatric optometrist in Farmington is necessary from an early age.

Why Eye Exams and Paediatric Eye Care Are Important

Eye exams are necessary for every child to make sure the eyes are healthy and there aren't any vision issues that could interfere with safety or school performance. There are plenty of visual skills that are important for optimal learning. These include accurate eye movement skills, comfortable focusing skills, and visual acuity at all distances.

When Should Your Child's Eyes Be Examined?

Your child should have his or her first eye exam at six months old. Then they should have another exam at age three and right before they enter first grade. When children are school-aged, they should have an eye exam every two years, as long as there isn't any vision correction required. Children who need contact lenses or glasses should be seen yearly or as recommended by your paediatric optometrist.

Scheduling Your Child's Eye Exam

When you are making an appointment at the optometry clinic for paediatric eye care, pick a time when your child is alert.

What Happens during Preventative Eye Care Exams?

The specifics of how the eye exam will work will depend on your child's age but the exam usually includes vision testing, eye alignment testing, an eye health test, and, if needed, a prescription for glasses or contacts. The eye doctor can ask about complications that happened during pregnancy and delivery, as well as the child's medical history. Be prepared to tell the eye doctor if your child has frequent rubbing of their eyes, excessive eye blinking, poor eye tracking skills, or failure to maintain eye contact. You should also inform the eye doctor of any family history of refractive errors or eye diseases. At this stage, preventative care may be important since some problems are better treated when vision is still developing.

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